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Developing and sustaining a successful business is challenging in the rapidly changing business environment of today.

Our team of professional advisors can assist you to produce maximum business potential throughout the life cycle of your business. Whether you are starting a new business, expanding your current business or selling a business, our range of advisory services are suited to your needs.

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SeaChange offers a range of advisory services to assist in starting your new business. Our comprehensive range of start-up services covers:

  • Structuring your business
  • Advising on tax implications
  • Preparing assessments of financial viability
  • Preparing budgeting, cashflow and profit projections
  • Raising capital and managing cashflow
  • Meeting accounting obligations

Expansion & Growth

The SeaChange team can help you to grow your business, sustain growth and keep up to date with regulation. Our comprehensive range of expansion and growth services covers:

  • Detailed review of business operations
  • Identifying opportunities for growth
  • Business and Management reporting
  • Managing costs and expenses
  • Preparation and regular review of budgets
  • Software assessment
  • Strategy planning

Selling your business

If you are looking to move on and sell your business, SeaChange offers a range of advisory services to ensure you have a smooth transition during this process. Our range of business sale advice services covers:

  • Preparing business valuations
  • Providing merger and acquisition advice
  • Exit strategies

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