Xero: A new and better way to get support with My Cases

Watch a short demo to see how using My cases in Xero Central provides a better, more secure way to get help from Xero and to view and manage your support cases.

Going through Xero Central to get answers

From 26 Jan 2019, the new secure and more beautiful way to contact Xero support is via Xero Central. You can get there via the help icon in your Xero product, or by going direct to support.xero.com from any device. That includes from Xero business edition, Xero Expenses, Xero Payroll, Xero Projects and Xero HQ.

If you’re used to emailing them when you need help, you’ll find that’s no longer the way to get in touch: if you do send them an email, you’ll receive a reply asking you to log in with your Xero credentials and raise a case at support.xero.com.

In My cases you’ll be able to look up your cases to keep track of your questions and answers, see who’s looking after your case and where it’s at; and you’ll also be able to look back at your conversation with the support team.

When you raise a case, you’ll need to be logged in with your Xero credentials so that your conversations and any sensitive information you share with Xero is kept private and secure, just as your Xero data is. If there’s an outage or you have problems logging in, you’ll still be able to initiate contact with us via prompts from the login screen or the Xero status page.

If you have more than one business on Xero, you’ll be asked to pick which business your question relates to, making it faster for them to get back to you. And if you have the right to do so, you’ll have the option to give Xero Support permission to view your Xero organisation so we can answer your question faster.

Any cases that predate the 26 January change won’t appear in My cases. You’ll be able to continue using email to manage your open cases until they’re resolved.

Support articles for instant answers

When you ask a question, Xero Central will suggest some relevant support articles. You may find the answer you need straight away. The instant answers offered by Xero Central are powered by machine learning which means they’re pretty smart – but if you’d prefer send your question through to the support team you still can.

My cases: finding and managing your Xero support queries

You’ll be able to go to My cases in Xero Central to see a list of your open and closed cases. Provided you’re logged in, you’ll see the status of each one as it moves from being in the support queue to being with a support specialist and under investigation. Other statuses include ‘action required’ where we’ve asked for more information from you, and ‘call scheduled’ if a specialist has arranged a time to call you. Then, when your question has a reply, it’s ‘answered’.

When a support specialist replies to your message, you’ll receive an email with a link to log in so you can read the message in My cases, and respond if needed. You’ll receive the notification in the email account you used to log in to Xero and raise the case.

Your support case details

When you click on a case to see more detail, it displays the messages between you and Xero support, the status of your case, when you can expect a response, and which support specialist is looking after it – along with their photo and a few details about them so you know who you’re talking to.

At the moment, My cases in Xero Central is a one-to-one conversation between you and Xero. But if you need to share the details, you could take a screenshot or copy and paste the answer and email it to them.

High-quality support that grows with Xero

While Xero knows that some people prefer phone support, most busy small business owners don’t have time to wait on the phone to speak to someone, especially if it turns out that person doesn’t have the right specialised expertise to help them.

With instant answers and your cases managed by Xero support staff with the right balance of up-to-date accounting, technology and service knowledge, you can expect prompt helpful answers.

In addition, My cases provides you with greater visibility, transparency and security. It will allow us to keep improving the support offered in Xero Central – so you can count on a great experience and excellent service from Xero.

This article was sourced from Xero’s Blog